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Digital fintech solutions


BBPAY leverages cutting-edge technologies to deliver first-class FinTech solutions for banks and business enterprises.


Our solution

Mobile Money/ Wallet
mobile money module is simply a collection of some advanced features that adds a great value to your business prospects.
Merchant Solution
Make your merchant’s life easier with BBPAY’s feature rich merchant wallet app. Its variety of features allows merchants to boost their business with utmost ease.
Top-Up & Bill Payments
With BBPAY, you can provide various top-ups and bill payments services to your users. Some of these services are mentioned here.
Agency Banking
Agency banking consists of many participants that are involved in achieving a common goal. Below mentioned are all the participants that are empowered by BBPAY’ agent banking solution.
Transfer Money
Allow your users to send money in different countries using various methods. These methods are explained in detail below.
  •   Mobile-to-Mobile transfer (M2M):
  •   Mobile-to-Bank Transfer (M2B):
  •   Mobile-to-Cash transfer (M2C):

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